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Family Immigration

Helping families come together. Chris can assist with marriage based cases and also family immigration issues.

Employment Immigration

Don’t take a chance on immigration status. Stay on top of changes happening within United States Federal Law.

Deportation & Criminal Law

Put Chris Pooley’s success record to work for you in this very specialized area of immigration law.


Chris Pooley, ESQ.


Choose an attorney with a proven track record. You will receive honest and accurate advice. The Law Office of Chris Pooley will make the process simple and explain the process clearly for you each step of the way.  He will guide and assist you to a positive outcome in the complicated process of immigration within The United States of America.


U.S. immigration law can be very harsh and unforgiving. Especially if you have ever entered the United States illegally, been caught at the border, worked without authorization, or been arrested. The immigration process can be very frustrating and your success depends on an experienced attorney to guide you through the hidden traps of the immigration system. If you are in removal proceedings, want to apply for residence or citizenship, or need to take your case to federal court, Chris Pooley has the experience and knowledge to achieve success in your case.

Chris Pooley will ask you the right questions and listen carefully to understand the detailed facts of your case. He will clearly explain the issues and challenges that apply to your case, and will help you evaluate all options available to achieve your goals with an honest assessment. His extensive experience in immigration law enables him to provide the highest level of advocacy in your case.

Whether your goal is to employ foreign workers or build a better life for yourself and your family, Chris Pooley can help you succeed.

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